About oceans Corp.

Always a step ahead with regards to originality and efficiency

oceans GmbH is an international, software company based in Germany and Canada that specializes in innovative CRM / BRM and Cloud solutions for business optimization. The constant improvement/further development of our CRM software, based on two decades and over 400 staff years of development management, has led to the next generation of CRM / BRM. The team at oceans has been carrying out successful business relationship management projects for more than sixteen  years now.

As an experienced partner, we work together with our clients to create profitable and efficient business solutions that guarantee a decisive competitive advantage. Our strength lies in devising custom-tailored solutions for contact, marketing and services. oceans solutions are the most user-friendly, cost-efficient and flexible solution for your company – we offer quality in every respect.
Our clients can trust that our custom solutions can be adapted to their steadily evolving processes and needs, quickly, easily and (at )anytime. Companies that use solutions from oceans are always one step ahead of the game!

Still on an international growth course, oceans are the technological leader in the area of next generation CRM( solutions). oceans employs a team of highly specialized experts in the field of business relationship management (BRM) and has a solid financial basis of capital stock and private equity.

The trust of well-renowned customers and the successful collaborations with established contact and technology partners is proof of/proves the market leadership of oceans in the field of CRM/BRM services. Together with leading companies, oceans  offer worldwide support through an international partner network.